the intensity of beef and beer

things i now feel justified to mention. + never underestimate the shallot + dairy and wine, oddly and complementarily tangy + a beef-scented apartment is an awesome side effect * recipe for flank steak with shallot-mustard sauce on cook’s country


it reminds me, “all the colors of the rainbow” — someday we’ll find it.

let us mystery meet on a sprawling green

i hinted last week about june’s mystery meet. the 12th edition of the monthly food-loving meetup in boston transpired today on the rose kennedy greenway. i was proud to guest-host this excursion, which would intermingle a slew of strangers with outdoor spectacles that curiously rhyme with “bood frucks.” despite the variant forms of cold drizzle … Continue reading

adoption notice

NAME: placido “dark opal” puttanesca NAME: domingo “habanero” domingo RELATIONSHIP: long-lost brothers CITY OF BIRTH: barnstable, cape cod organic farm DATE OF ADOPTION: 06/06/2011 AGENCY: whole foods, cambridge STATE OF HEALTH: adolescent, fragrant, rebellious KNOWN AFFINITIES: oxygen, water, steady diet of haiku CURRENT HABITAT: eastern light, terra cotta, tight quarters SPECULATION: salsa, pesto, salads, pickles, … Continue reading

put some epic gravy on that mystery meet

there’s plenty of variable parameters in each monthly installment of mystery meet, a thinly veiled surprise feast with fellow fun-seeking foodies (my sarcasm-dripp’d shorthand for the people you probably would get along with anyway) somewhere in boston. however! do know that a surety exists for the next one, on tuesday june 14: the evening will … Continue reading