Tavolo Pumpkin-Chestnut Ravioli

lump pelican’s beak — jaune, boastful, a pouch to pierce in good time; chestnuts

Lil Vinny’s Ristorante


mute avalanche; black momentum, bright light forms, happencircumstance

John Dory Oyster Bar at Island Creek Oyster Festival 2011

john dory oyster bar at island creek oyster festival 2011

sand and salt, milk and honey, incessant years of the ocean’s swallow

eau canada! a seductive first trip to toronto.

jetfuel cafe in cabbagetown

it’s infatuation, i just know. but i’m head over heels for toronto. i admit, the canadian city isn’t usually on people’s list of the usual amazing top-whatever of global metropolitan destinations, but between the famed international film festival and the uncontrollably phenomenal music scene (mothership to NXNE) — not to mention its reputation as a … Continue reading



slow and steady wins. the soothing hum of beef, bun, daddy’s strategy.