let us mystery meet on a sprawling green

i hinted last week about june’s mystery meet.

the 12th edition of the monthly food-loving meetup in boston transpired today on the rose kennedy greenway. i was proud to guest-host this excursion, which would intermingle a slew of strangers with outdoor spectacles that curiously rhyme with “bood frucks.”

despite the variant forms of cold drizzle that came our way (whether from the foreboding grey skies or the occasional erupting water sculpture), we were 30 fierce food-lovers-on-foot strong, hitting 10 mobile vendors (here’s the full list of food available during daytime hours) stationed sprawliningly on the greenway for maximum smell-the-roses-ness. the meandering walk (about a mile total) would do us good, truly, especially after tucking into a progressive dinner that would tide over any decent human being for a good 24 hours.

scroll to the end of the post for the full photo gallery.

what are your favorite food trucks or mobile vendors in boston? or what would be your fantasy street food? do tell.

in the meantime, here are haikus dedicated to each little eat-stop.

bbq smith

bbq smith, @bbqsmith
>> arnold palmer (half iced tea, half lemonade) with rosemary simple syrup + bbq-smoked almonds

not yet one hour old,
shiny silver smoky lust
casts a secret den


clover dewey square, @cloverdwy
>> carrot salad, fried plaintains, rosemary fries, or fried pickles

your name, yelled out, a
cue to cup one’s hands around
what is yours, warm, soft


lefty’s silver cart, @leftyscart
>> figment sandwich: fig jam, goat cheese, truffled greens on baguette

right-brain thinkers must
demand a richer world, a
most perfect sandwich

equal exchange coffee

equal exchange coffee trike, @eecafe
>> hot and iced coffee

caffeine, yes, please, black —
may this bike lessen burdens,
as the world tears, shrinks

silk road bbq

silk road bbq, @silkroadbbq
>> delightful meat sandwich + pulled pork with pomegranate sauce and slaw

flames makes the pig grow
fonder; slow, smoked rituals,
like grandpa’s grandpa

beantown franks n spuds

beantown franks ‘n’ spuds
>> pearl hot dog

there are days when one
just needs a snappy meat tube
under mustard, sun

grilled cheese nation

grilled cheese nation, @foodtrucknation
>> boston common grilled cheese + tomato basil soup

what more is there to
say regarding cheese and bread?
o melt! buttered truth.

the cupcake cart, @bullfinchs
>> chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

handheld, not unlike
the tiger electronics
you smeared frosting on

going bananas

going bananas
>> smoothies

brighter than neon,
fruit, the perfect balm, blended —
undo these sins, coax.


>> pork souvlaki

take these, hold my hand,
bites of flesh; sweet, salty, sour
then nothing, nothing

One Response to “let us mystery meet on a sprawling green”
  1. Everything looks delicious! I want a fried pickle. And pork on a stick! I wish there’ll be a food truck that serves Filipino street food! Or just more Asian street food in general :)

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