eau canada! a seductive first trip to toronto.

jetfuel cafe in cabbagetown

it’s infatuation, i just know. but i’m head over heels for toronto. i admit, the canadian city isn’t usually on people’s list of the usual amazing top-whatever of global metropolitan destinations, but between the famed international film festival and the uncontrollably phenomenal music scene (mothership to NXNE) — not to mention its reputation as a … Continue reading

the intensity of beef and beer


things i now feel justified to mention. + never underestimate the shallot + dairy and wine, oddly and complementarily tangy + a beef-scented apartment is an awesome side effect * recipe for flank steak with shallot-mustard sauce on cook’s country

let us mystery meet on a sprawling green


i hinted last week about june’s mystery meet. the 12th edition of the monthly food-loving meetup in boston transpired today on the rose kennedy greenway. i was proud to guest-host this excursion, which would intermingle a slew of strangers with outdoor spectacles that curiously rhyme with “bood frucks.” despite the variant forms of cold drizzle … Continue reading

if i knew you were the loving kind


nacre, naked, this. no one sees when you strike, when you return to earth.

Under the Seaport Boulevard Bridge

Seaport Boulevard Bridge

the wind’s tease — smell it? like a ghost gripping an oar, sun on its red brow