let us mystery meet on a sprawling green

i hinted last week about june’s mystery meet. the 12th edition of the monthly food-loving meetup in boston transpired today on the rose kennedy greenway. i was proud to guest-host this excursion, which would intermingle a slew of strangers with outdoor spectacles that curiously rhyme with “bood frucks.” despite the variant forms of cold drizzle … Continue reading


meat cheese spice bread crunch rustle hot in my hand, foil, pickled onions bright


tussle with time, you salty minx; creamy, crusty, classical diehard.

Square Burger

sadly, ev’ry great sandwich must come to an end… oh HEEEY, fried pickle!

KO Catering and Pies

aye, a sunny eye to wake up the sleepiest koala i know