put some epic gravy on that mystery meet

there’s plenty of variable parameters in each monthly installment of mystery meet, a thinly veiled surprise feast with fellow fun-seeking foodies (my sarcasm-dripp’d shorthand for the people you probably would get along with anyway) somewhere in boston. however! do know that a surety exists for the next one, on tuesday june 14: the evening will be under my honorable watch, with plenty of fat snacks and grassy knolls to eat them on.

this is MM‘s first ever outdoor event, and tix are only $25 (inclusive of all food, tax, tip, the works). that’s practically the price of a pedigree cheeseburger around these parts, so consider this a steal.

the clues (though something tells me you won’t have too much trouble)…

  • this will be our first outdoor event (rain date: 6/21)
  • christine liu (that’s me!) of the discreet hedonist will host
  • the former CA governor’s illegitimate son is her great grandson-in-law
  • optimus prime, tonka and bigfoot
  • meals on wheels

RSVP before it’s too late. no regrets.

i beseech you to bring sunglasses, shoes that don’t make you scream when you walk in them, and the most curious appetite about you.

who’s game?

2 Responses to “put some epic gravy on that mystery meet”
  1. Ahhh I would’ve loved to go to an outdoor Mystery Meet but I already have plans that night! I’m sure it’ll be a blast, have fun!

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