eau canada! a seductive first trip to toronto.

jetfuel cafe in cabbagetown

it’s infatuation, i just know. but i’m head over heels for toronto. i admit, the canadian city isn’t usually on people’s list of the usual amazing top-whatever of global metropolitan destinations, but between the famed international film festival and the uncontrollably phenomenal music scene (mothership to NXNE) — not to mention its reputation as a … Continue reading



tussle with time, you salty minx; creamy, crusty, classical diehard.

All Star Sandwich Bar

koreankalbi 007

kimchi, immodest, lavished upon this mouth-beast, while koreans weep*


seattle-urbanspoon 002

a reborn belly draws breath from salty udon, strands wet with wanting

Baguette Box

seattle-urbanspoon 025

grey on sky-blue grey lapping at the dock; meanwhile lemongrass cloaks beef