put some epic gravy on that mystery meet

there’s plenty of variable parameters in each monthly installment of mystery meet, a thinly veiled surprise feast with fellow fun-seeking foodies (my sarcasm-dripp’d shorthand for the people you probably would get along with anyway) somewhere in boston. however! do know that a surety exists for the next one, on tuesday june 14: the evening will … Continue reading

urban gardening on a skinny bed of soil

one of the many fringe benefits of my new role working at america’s test kitchen (the headquarters are squirreled away in a nondescript building, smack dab in brookline village) is the uber-serene 1.3-mile path between fenway station and my destination. (it’s so pleasant, i only foresee taking the green line in the worst of conditions.) … Continue reading

in twists and turns, to embrace another.

suffice to say, there are lots of beginnings and changings and morphings and altogether steady explodings at the moment. but the very first of many bits of news: i’ve had time to tinker with cmliu.com and upgrade her somewhat to levels of respectable internet. despite the fact that i was voraciously creating content online for … Continue reading