urban gardening on a skinny bed of soil

one of the many fringe benefits of my new role working at america’s test kitchen (the headquarters are squirreled away in a nondescript building, smack dab in brookline village) is the uber-serene 1.3-mile path between fenway station and my destination. (it’s so pleasant, i only foresee taking the green line in the worst of conditions.)

the jaunt is mostly a study in therapy-via-nature-walk, with much water, vegetation, dogs, and fowl to calm even the most bleeding-raw nerve. (more later on other brookline quirks, like the bizarre bavarian residence or the brookline mommies-who-lunch brigade.)

most recently, i came upon this curious discovery: the 200 foot garden.

it looks like a strip of dirt by the sidewalk, and it pretty much is just that at the moment. but apparently, once the season starts hitting hard, the garden will bear all sorts of goodness, and passerby are encouraged to take a vegetable, lend a hand, go on their merry way, &c. i might pitch in on their volunteer gardening stop-in times, on wednesdays at 6:30pm. want to join in?

p.s. serendipitous eggert cameo. can you spot him?

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  1. […] volunteering is rolling into motion at the 200 foot garden (you can read my first day of discovering this tiny fertile bed of soil hugging an otherwise unremarkable sidewalk in brookline). anyone can […]

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