in twists and turns, to embrace another.

suffice to say, there are lots of beginnings and changings and morphings and altogether steady explodings at the moment.

but the very first of many bits of news: i’ve had time to tinker with and upgrade her somewhat to levels of respectable internet. despite the fact that i was voraciously creating content online for the last few years, i let my own window-dressing get a little dull, not unlike the absentminded barber who always has his hands busy but somehow forgets to trim his own mop of hair.

but look here. today, i’ve really gone to town and even waxed my mustache.

i took this photograph on saturday, april 2, 2011, winding my way along the Charles River through one of the springiest, sunniest, windiest days of the year.

preserved in that tree, i knew, are many secrets. and a love not unkind.

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