>notable five in 2007: wardrobe edition

>lots of quality time snoozing in bed could be seen as a good way to start off the year. (not to mention a tidy plate of toast, eggs, and ketchuppy home fries.)

to jump start 2008, let’s revisit a few choice items in cmliu-land in 2007, shall we? the next few entries will be going down the notable five in various categories that are completely subjective and as fickle as the fingers that type it so. it’ll span everything from eats and drinks to homeware design, from live concerts to books and articles. but today, in perfectly materialist form, will be…

notable five things in 2007 new to christine’s wardrobe

those who know me can attest that my inventory is modest (i tend to work creative rotations of layerable pieces from h+m and tall boots), and my means ever more so (writers aren’t especially equipped to coup any semblance of medium- or high-end design), but i’m happy that i’ve managed to collect a few items of pride. i’m always trying to follow the dictum to acquire few pieces of high quality instead of many pieces of low quality. for the sake of sartorial sanity, i think i’ve done a bang up job.

#1: charcoal ‘maid in form’ bag by tano, special ordered from lunaboston

it took me forever and a half to find a replacement for my former do-everything-everywhere shoulder bag, a black canvas zip-top number by ordning & reda that i got in vienna a few summers ago. with a tall list of requirements (big enough to hold the latest issue of new york magazine plus a sweater, not so big that it becomes a bother, a zipper top is a MUST HAVE, has to go from daytime to evening, needs to last through constant beating, etc) it seemed i would never find something that fit both my lifestyle and my budget. (have you seen the pricetags at barney’s? it’s painful.) but tano, with its sumptuous leathers and quality handiwork, seemed to fit the bill. oh, what agony in the process of choosing exactly which model from the collection, but it seems like this duo-pocketed one is faring just fine :)

#2: amp eyewear from eye-q

to supplement my (currently needs to get repaired) ‘upside-down’ frames, i managed to finagle a new set of eyeglasses from eye-q. both designs are in-house makes, so if you’re dying to get some of your own, call up the boys at the boston eyewear shop. i spent a lot of my years in the past wearing contacts, but nothing beats the instant incognito powers of bold frames. not to say they dont get foggy or smudgy from time to time, but in terms of ease and remembrance, i wouldn’t ever give up my specs.

#3: rachel comey dress from stel’s

the crew at stel’s get a gold star, not only for putting up with our barging into their store and fondling pretty much all the merchandise almost every weekend. but i knew karma would come around, and i managed to score the perfect dress for holiday parties (and year-round fanciness), plus tailoring perfection for a chic petite fit. the puckered texture is at once comforting and avant-garde, and the pockets come in handy for stashing top-secret items.

#4: knit wrap vest pullover by hoss intropia from stil

i can’t explain it, but this thing is awesome. patterned lambswool knit makes one snug as a huggable slug, especially layered over a slim dress from american apparel or over a tee and jeans. it’s a very particular piece (a bit of coordination and thought has to accompany its wearing) but i relish its unique construction.

#5: helena alto lace-ups by camper

so i must admit i was a staunch opposer of the whole ankle bootie trend; i thought they made women’s legs look stumpy and were a bear to pull off properly. however, these beauties seduced me despite their suspicious bootie silhouette, but the open front and laces pulled a girly (and elongated) spin, upon which i forgave the whole business entirely. a complete splurge for sure, and i’m lucky if i find an occasion to wear them once a week (or month), but i’m all for comfort in heels (they’ve worn in nicely) and an unexpected bit of sass. (p.s. you can also see a cute view of them from the front at camper’s autumn/winter preview)

coming up tomorrow: notable five in beauty and skincare!

3 Responses to “>notable five in 2007: wardrobe edition”
  1. >Fantastic recommendations! I am on a leather goods kick right now and am salivating over the Tano line. Love the bright yellow and electric blues!

  2. >Perhaps more than five? How about your prized winter coat. Let’s hear about it sometime.

  3. Rozi says:

    >Valuable article, thanks for sharing it.

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