>notable five in 2007: beauty and skincare edition

>ok, so i pretty much use the same cosmetic regime again and again, but i do have to confess that ‘routine’ doesnt always mean ‘mundane.’ (just pretend those two words rhyme in your head.)

here we go…

notable five things in 2007 new to christine’s beauty + skincare regime

#1: cleanser from earth science

so i’ve done everything from neutrogena to shu uemura cleansing oils and back. i tried earth science’s formula on a lark when it was on sale on whole foods (at which i’m not necessarily a diehard fan), and it turned out to be the best cleanser for my skin in a long, long time. i tend to break out here and there, but peeling skin is not my idea of a walk in the park. this cleanser has definitely helped me clear up, yet keep a balance and lasts for a while without breaking the bank. you can purchase it from whole foods to cambridge naturals, and at least for me, it’s a true-to-form investment. i don’t think i can go back to anything out there, at least just yet. i’m sensitive yet oily, and this has been a lifesaver.

#2: facial moisturizer with spf 15 from earth science

so i’ve gotten on the moisturizer bandwagon, doing it religiously morning and night. however, this has been the best so far in the spf + moisture category, since it goes on light and doesn’t leave a film afterwards. it doesn’t get weird if i start sweating or put on makeup or anything (you know the ones that ball up or discolor or go completely SNAFU when you layer it, right?). it may be because it’s the same manufacturer of my cleanser, but whatever the case, it does the duty well and good. i tried many a spf-moisturizer combination and gotten burned so many times. this, again, is my salvation.

#3: h.i.p. cosmetics from l’oreal

i’ve realized, both from traveling overseas and talking with people who’ve worked from the international corporation (hi, matt!) that l’oreal is a serious brand that pretty much got short-changed in the US. everywhere else in the world, it’s a luxury department store brand to be reckoned with; but here in the US, it’s a battle against everything else in CVS. the h.i.p. eye shadow pairings are nothing less but genius, and they stand the testament against the urban plight. namely, they are intense for a long period of time. plus, the products are just as good as shu uemura (at least on the surface; they have the same motherbrand) and a million times cheaper (i still love you, shu!) not to mention, beyoncé and scarlett johannsen have been pretty smokin’ spokesmodels.

#4: vincent longo velvet riche rejuvenating lipstick in ‘dakota red’

i don’t do it often, but when i do, it’s fierce. *red*. i got this for free at some gift-baggy sort of event, but i’ve held onto this tightly as it gives a girl some imminent danger. a blue-ish red goes better for me than a brick or orange-y kind of tint; i feel drawn to it when either holidays or diffcult times come upon me. war paint, it is determined.

#5: TIE: lumene arctic touch exfoliating cleansing cream from cvs and laura mercier’s oil-free foundation from beauty and main

so the exfoliator has really been an uplifting aspect of 2007, but i fear that it has been discontinued in the beauty line for CVS. as a finnish company, it really has the natural-beauty-euro-cleansing luxury to it, but the arctic touch line is awesome because you really fantastize about lying in a hottub in scandanavia as you spread the cloudberry extract all over your face. it’s not too rough, but still gives a good scrub; the blue color and delicious scent really make it worth your while. i would give a thumbs up to the rest of line, at least for its natural/scientific skincare bent.

laura mercier’s foundation has been steadfast throughout the harsh boston winter, tempering my shine without going overboard on the skin-drying. i feel flush and happy, versus matte and ghastly, and as long as i apply with a sponge (as instructed) i think that i’ll look lovely and natural as long as this vanilla-beige bottle follows through.


coming up tomorrow: notable five in home decor and design!

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