>bliuberry turnovers

>i look to my right and 2008 is right there, waiting patiently.

and in terms of blogging, ever so.

but there i was in the early bits of the year, whisked into the spectacular world of (gasp) writing for living and finding myself with less and less time to type for myself rather than for research, clips, articles, reviews. that was the logic, anyway; when i was a student, blogging was excellent thesis procrastination (especially if it had to do with shoes, all things kawaii, or cashmere). now i stand, dazed, in the midst of a life that i only once dreamt, writing about fashion, food, and culture around the clock. i couldn’t ask for anything more from 2007.

(except perhaps meeting the one who makes me smile everyday. that was a bonus.)

december leaves us in the fleeting wake of warm memories. surprises at the radio station. belting out our best at karaoke. petting cats. sipping belle de brillet. playing fashion police on a back bay balcony. late nights in central square and finding ourselves once again at green street grill. gear wenching and people watching. lazy afternoons at minot beach. disassembling an ikea wardrobe and other heavy-lifting activities. harassing the people and pets at stel’s. ice cream despite the tears. stupid sneakers. dj dunkies.

and the holidays mean looking like this on the outside

yet feeling this way on the inside :)

i’m already happy, healthy (thanks girls) and always up for an adventure. yet as resolutions go, here’s to better writing (online and otherwise), better loving, and altogether trusting myself to do anything i put my mind to.

happy liu year’s, everyone.

One Response to “>bliuberry turnovers”
  1. >happy new year Christine, and congrats on fulfilling dreams professional and romantic!

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