>christine’s writing clips

>*UPDATED DEC 18, 2008*

the ongoing list of web-accessible writing clips by christine liu:

2008.12.18 the sweet smell of success
2008.10.23 plume crazy [+ photo gallery]
2008.09.18 he’s got you covered, from ’80s fashion to ’60s music to film: shawn cotter, trendsetter
2008.07.31 at vegas expo, it’s shoetime
2008.07.10 ramped up, decked out, ready to roll: john nichols, trendsetter
2008.07.10 pampering your pets in style [+ photo gallery]
2008.06.26 this summer, go posh or penny-wise
2007.12.27 unique couture is a call to auction [+ photo gallery]

2008.12.08 give paws: 2008 winter pet guide
2008.12.05 ray of light: munstre lightboxes
2008.11.17 knit picking: lara kazan sweaters
2008.11.07 milking it: cafe fixe coffeehouse opens
2008.11.03 the crying game: crocodile tears jewelry
2008.10.29 queen bee: design hive market starts saturday
2008.10.24 she’s crafty: bead + fiber: gallery and craft shop opens
2008.10.17 get a round: circle restaurant opens
2008.10.16 the weekend guide: what to do this weekend
2008.10.10 get your jollies: jollybike dutch bicycles
2008.10.06 fine herbs: erbaluce restaurant opens
2008.10.02 the weekend guide: what to do this weekend
2008.09.30 soap opera: stella marie soap company
2008.09.23 i’ll be damed: dame vintage fitting and styling
2008.09.22 in distress: prps jeans for girls
2008.09.19 victorian secret: lauren blais jewelry
2008.09.04 writing on the wall: chalk home gallery-cum-store opens
2008.08.27 about time: circa vintage store opens
2008.08.14 the weekend guide: what to do this weekend
2008.07.18 pint size: the beer garden at charlie’s kitchen opens
2008.07.15 feed your mind, and the rest will follow: market in the square food store opens
2008.07.14 hot flash: p.m.s. dj nights at good life
2008.07.01 your dogs are barkin’: espeso pet boutique opens
2008.06.11 hamming it up: estragon opens
2008.06.02 tripping the light with plastic: tupp-a-lamps
2008.05.27 you frontin’?: front home store opens
2008.05.05 get the thrift: the alter eco consignment boutique opens
2008.05.02 money in the bank: claw money tank tops
2008.04.30 beer and now: publick house provisions opens
2008.04.15 cheap date: ten deals for $10 (sourcing credit)
2008.04.02 independent day: oak craft boutique opens
2008.03.31 choc-a-bloc: aroa fine chocolate opens
2008.03.28 brewed awakening: timeless teas seminars
2008.03.12 wilde childe: feral childe
2008.02.22 sweet breads: citrio catering & provisions co. opens
2008.02.15 i came, i raw, i conquered: grezzo opens
2008.02.13 kick it: concepts opens
2008.01.30 beauty and the geek: seamless computational couture
2008.01.07 hey, neighbor: highland kitchen
2007.12.12 animal crackers: a pet ahead
2007.11.27 shabby chic: vintage pillows by hudson
2007.11.26 on a french roll: la voile opens
2007.11.21 sharper image: 379 club
2007.11.12 it’s in the male: robert geller
2007.11.05 footloose and fancy free: quoddy trail footwear
2007.11.02 twice as nice: michelle willey and vessels gallery
2007.10.19 say your prayers: church opens
2007.10.09 teas me: 2nd cup cafe opens
2007.10.03 great finnish: samu-jussi koski at marimekko
2007.10.02 put it on ice: icelandic foods hit boston
2007.09.18 just the artifacts: reliquiae
2007.08.13 do the math: davis squared boutique
2007.08.06 snack that: fun food snackery

2008.03 Afternoon Delights: Skip tired sandwich platters in favor of inspired in-office sustenance from these full-service caterers
2008.02 Raising the Wine Bar: The Other Side Café creates a vino list with a conscience

2008.05 Beer Wares: Fiscalini Farmstead Hopscotch Scotch Ale Cheddar, Bass Brolly, 300 Bears to Try Before You Die! by Roger Protz
2008.04 Beer Wares: Wheeler’s Black Label Vegan Ice Cream; The Book of Beer Knowledge: Essential Wisdom for the Discerning Beer Drinker by Jeff Evans; Glasi Hergiswil Pilsner Glass
2008.03 Beer Wares: Grape vs. Grain by Charles Bamforth, Zen and the Art of Cooking Beer-Can Chicken by Cary Black, Keg Stool
2008.02 Beer Wares: Official Beer Glove, The Best of American Beer & Food: Pairing & Cooking with Craft Beer by Lucy Saunders, The Cure: the After-Drinking Drink
2007.12 Beer Wares: BACTRACK Breathalyzer, Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer, Beer Mug Candles
2007.11 Beer Wares: The Perfect Beaker, Geeky Tees, Countertop Beer Cooler and Tap
2007.10 Beer Wares: Widmer Brothers online games, LittleEarth beer cap belts, Louis Pasteur’s Studies on Fermentation
2007.09 Beer Wares: The Beerbelly, Arrive Alive, Bottle Popper

2008.12.03 [feature] Kiddie Kroakers: The 16th Annual Dangerous Toys List
2008.11.26 [eats] Rachel Klein: Your job’s to eat. Her job? Way harder.
2008.11.19 [eats] DIY Thanksgiving: These personal chefs advise beyond cranberry-in-a-can
2008.11.12 [feature] Dig This! Awards 2008: Bombs away!
2008.11.12 [eats] Squirts till the dirts: School gardens flourish through CitySprouts
2008.11.12 [words] French Milk: by Lucy Knisley
2008.11.05 [words] Andrew Rimas: Does have a cow, man
2008.10.22 [eats] Tavolo: Where Nonna’s kitchen meets fabulous warm-fuzzy
2008.10.15 [eats] Dinner and a move: Snack before shimmying
2008.10.15 [feature] Kyle Brandse: Gets awesome (fall club guide)
2008.10.08 [eats] Team orts: Beyond chips and Cracker Jack
2008.09.17 [eats] Like a shot to the heart: Hunters and gatherers, it’s time to eat (fall dining guide)
2008.09.10 [eats] It’s the great pumpkin!: A zillion renditions of fall’s favorite gourd
2008.09.03 [news] The unofficial 2008 college handbook: how, where and wtf: How to buy
2008.09.03 [eats] The Boston burrito index: little donkeys everywhere!
2008.08.20 [style] The new adventures of flashion: Heroic dress cues (fall fashion guide)
2008.08.13 [style] Sock it to me: Jan Willett helms the zoo at MonkeyShineStudio
2008.07.30 [style] Artifaktori: We’ve got it made
2008.07.23 [feature] Good Bostonians: Mimi Graney, Margaret Williams
2008.07.23 [eats] Dinner and a movie: Film nights at the bar make for eat-in theater
2008.07.09 [style] Bag that thang up: Carry on, carry on
2008.07.09 [eats] Scampo: Shire raises the bar — incidentally, behind them
2008.07.09 [feature] Summer travel: staycation! Wish you were here — oh, wait. You are.
2008.06.25 [eats] Aye aye, kernel!: Veg out and meat up with the Dig’s summer dining guide
2008.06.18 [style] Suneri Boutique: Local booty of global beauty
2008.06.11 [commerce] Latex loves: Global Protection keeps you covered
2008.06.04 [style] Hear, hear! Block your drums from the sound and the fury
2008.06.04 [green] A roots touch-up: Gearing up for Bikes Not Bombs’ annual fest
2008.06.04 [eats] A filling with the Toothaches: Pop band’s dinner proves anti-scurvy, anti-scrawny
2008.05.28 [commerce] Of graphic nature: Drawing mass appeal at Hub Comics
2008.05.21 [style] Sugar hi: Futzing with ice cream makes us melt
2008.05.21 [summer preview] Get wet! 50 fluid-inspired summer fun activities
2008.05.14 [green] Bicycle Benefits: Pedal your way to awesome free stuff
2008.05.14 [eats] Hungry Mother: Open wide for an uncanny spunk du Sud
2008.05.07 [commerce] Holy spokes: Freewheelin’ with the Dutch Bicycle Company
2008.05.07 [shop] Felix Doolittle: Throw out your toaster oven: Fu’s illustrated papers warm hearts faster
2008.05.07 [drinks] Boston shakers: Toasting the broads of LUPEC
2008.04.30 [shop] Smells like Tom of Finland: Homoerotica in a bottle at Motley
2008.04.30 [green] To Market, To Market: Nose-to-nose with the source at Vela
2008.04.30 [defyo] Defend Yourself! Katy Childs, co-owner of Silvertone
2008.04.23 [profile] Meating—he’s doinitrite: Chewing the fat with Kevin Healy
2008.04.23 [green] Haley House Bakery Cafe: Fortifyng teh city, one muffin @ a tiem
2008.04.23 [eats] I can has cheezburger?: Hunger. I has it.
2008.04.16 [style] The Youthful Stylings of Kooter Brown: Don’t worry—it’ll only shirt a little
2008.04.16 [shop] Shake the Tree: Goodies staple replants in North End
2008.04.16 [eats] Winging it: Four fixes for the chicken-lickin’ craving
2008.04.02 [letter] Dear Reader: Letter from the editor
2008.04.02 [feature] The Boston cocktail party: New England lore deserves a tipple or two
2008.04.02 [style] Oak, aye! Handiwork gets a home at Back Bay boutique
2008.04.02 [shop] Brix on Broad: Message in the bottles
2008.04.02 [green] Join the Soda-Club: It’s time to get a little gassy
2008.04.02 [eats] Face time: When the going gets rough, the rough eat at the bar
2008.04.02 [drinks] Brains: shaken, stirred
2008.03.26 [style] Cocoa channel: Aroa Fine Chocolate arrives
2008.03.26 [shop] Heavy metal: Bicoastal jewelry rocks out at Topaz
2008.03.26 [green] Party poop: Natural fertilizer Wormjava starts from the ground up
2008.03.19 [style] Curtain call: The dying art of the photo booth
2008.03.19 [shop] Scrubya: Suds for your Bush
2008.03.19 [eats] Lost in Austin: A tiny taste of Texas mess
2008.03.19 [drinks] Chillin’ like a Brazilian: Cachaça brightens any day
2008.03.12 [drinks feature] Sibling Rivalry: 5 drink minimum
2008.03.12 [style] Up in smoke: Cancer sticks get a whole lot sweeter
2008.03.12 [green] tranSglass: Hope in a bottle
2008.03.12 [eats] Vee Vee: The fresh, friendly bee’s knees in JP
2008.03.12 [music] Mia Doi Todd: Contextual healing
2008.03.05 [style] Shoetube: Oh, my God, shoes.
2008.03.05 [shop] Moore Massage: The knead for speed
2008.03.05 [green] Green house effect: The walls have cheers
2008.02.27 [shop] In the fold: Paper gets props for leap day
2008.02.27 [green] Truth and beauty: Slather like it matters
2008.02.20 [letter] Dear Reader: Letter from the editor
2008.02.20 [style] Tipping our hats: The Dig flips its lid on spring style
2008.02.13 [style] ScientificMatch: Smellementary, my dear
2008.02.13 [eats] An Offal Romance: Love with all of your heart, tongue, tripe …
2008.02.13 [drinks] Aphrodrinksiacs
2008.02.06 [style] Snowboarder Patrol: Dope on a slope
2008.02.06 [eats] Dim Sum Death Match: Last bun standing
2008.01.30 [style] Sunshine in a Box: Conquer bi-solar disorder
2008.01.30 [dvds] Indoor funtime: Ten TV-On-DVD Boxes for Cabin Fever
2008.01.23 [style] Make Me Sustainable: Saving the earth one pixel at a time
2008.01.16 [style] A Fine Piece of Workout: Snap into a slim gym
2008.01.16 [feature] Sweat Dreams: Four fitness formulas designed to swiftly kick your ass
2008.01.09 [style] Boston Coasters: See the city differently… like under your beer
2008.01.09 [eats] Highland Kitchen: Gastropub oozes comfort all over
2007.12.26 [style] Brush Up: It’s time for a change—no really, it is
2007.12.26 [eats] Super Bowls: Use your noodle wisely
2007.12.26 [eats] Eating New Year’s Eve: Plethora of prix-fixe parties
2007.12.26 [drinks] Grape Expectations: Wine down with The Second Glass
2007.12.19 [eats] Haru Sushi: Stylish bites sometimes worth battling yuppies over
2007.12.12 [style] Jeffrey Fournier: Please don’t eat the art
2007.12.12 [eats] South End, Morning After: The lust for butter is no more apparent
2007.12.12 [arts] Zhang Daqian: Homeboy is dishonest, though redeemably so
2007.12.05 [style] Coat of Arms: And other body parts you’d prefer to keep warm
2007.12.05 [drinks] Dante: It’s gettin’ hot in here
2007.12.05 [def yo] John McCrea of Cake
2007.12.05 [dvds] Holiday Unclassics: Muppet Christmas Carol
2007.11.28 [commerce] Like Father, Like Surger: Guinness goes new-fangled for an old-school pour
2007.11.21 [commerce feature] Gift Guide: under $25, $25-50, $50-100, $100-200, $200-500, over $500
2007.11.14 [eats feature] Throw Down a Happy Holiday: Unleash the party, animals
2007.11.07 [style] Off the Map: Be slightly less likely to get lost
2007.11.07 [eats] Eastern Not So Standard: An offal experience with Chef Marco Suarez
2007.11.07 [arts] Félix González-Torres: A gold-flecked fantasy of oceanic candy
2007.10.31 [style] Brother Cleve: Philosophically inclined to dance, discover and drink well
2007.10.31 [drinks feature] Church: 5 drink minimum
2007.10.31 [dvds] Ratatouille: Cooking digital rodents
2007.10.24 [style] Art Flambée: Wads of wax to light up your life
2007.10.24 [def yo] Dominique Keegan of The Glass
2007.10.24 [dvds] Casshern: Myopic dystopia
2007.10.17 [commerce] Ca$hing in on AuctionPAL: Selling your shit online just got a little easier
2007.10.17 [words] Andreas Viestad: Stomachs summoned by the spice whisperer
2007.10.10 [style] Barbershoppin’: That razor’s real sharp, son
2007.10.10 [eats] Mission: Imbibable: Three nights of flights for the wine-drinking ninja
2007.10.03 [eats feature] An Edible Compendium from A to Z: ‘Tis not a curse, to bestow in verse
2007.09.26 [style] Tobias Wong: Helping art lovers shit glitter since 1998
2007.09.26 [eats] The Savant Project: Thoughtful, earnest food is a no-brainer
2007.09.19 [eats] Fall Eats + Drinks: Stuff yourself with restaurant influx
2007.09.19 [arts] Fall Arts: Get cozy with culture
2007.09.12 [eats] Christopher Myers: On blogs, crazed Asians and noisy, noisy nights
2007.09.12 [drinks] Lycheers! Rethinking the pink drink
2007.09.05 [style] Hit Me with Your Best Shot: Adjust your glasses
2007.09.05 [feature] MIT: schooled
2007.09.05 [feature] The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts: Plan B!
2007.09.05 [eats] The Boston Slice Index: Gooey slivers of love courtesy of your local pizza joint
2007.09.05 [arts] MIT’s Student Loan Art Program: Sure beats that Belushi poster
2007.08.29 [drinks] 100% Organic Spirits: Getting buzzed the way nature intended
2007.08.22 [commerce] Jana Eggers: Spreadshirt CEO, triathlete and big-time geek
2007.08.22 [eats] Grilled Sandwiches: Toast just done went and grew up
2007.08.15 [style feature] Fall Style Guide: Because naked is so last season
2007.08.08 [style] Pick-up Sticks: Your ramen doesn’t stand a chance
2007.08.08 [feature] Ilene Bezahler: Owner, publisher and editor of Edible Boston
2007.08.08 [feature] Misty Kalkofen: Bar manager at Green Street Grill
2007.08.08 [drinks] Beer Cocktails: Experience a brewed awakening
2007.08.01 [style] Lookin’ Good: Blind and def
2007.08.01 [eats] Fermented Foods: Work that tang like it ain’t no thang
2007.08.01 [music] Booka Shade: Make requests at your own peril
2007.07.25 [style] It’s Raining (meh): When God cries, you won’t
2007.07.25 [music] DJ /rupture: Your booty is on his to-do list
2007.07.18 [drinks] The Tease of Riesling: No mo’ hatin’ on this grape

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