>it.is. so. HOT.

i’m sitting in my apartment, dazed, sighing into my window fan as my laptop gets ready to fry an egg. even with the sky cloaked in blackness, it is just absolutely *roasting*. it started innocuously this weekend as grey humidity, and then accelerated into full-blown knock-socks-off heat-wave. i dont even want to think about socks. or fur. or fabric. or pretty much anything that involves energy. getting up and dressed to go takes eons of lugubrious effort. i’ve survived summers in boston with only fans and the errant cross-breeze, but it’s not a pretty kind of survival. last summer i was spoiled with central cooling at that asylum-esque on-campus apartment. that was its only redemption. but now i am suffering. my computer literally whimpers as it blows hot air into hot pillow into hot legs into HOT.

a/c a/c a/c a/c a/c a/c. soon. so soon.

* * * * * *

new sans serif from tonight. i’m happy to report the mix is one of my better shows! the first set is a bit dancefloor to loosen one up, and the second set glistens with iciclic minimalism and glitchy gloss. even the studio at the radio station suffers from faulty air; stuffy. i need all the help i can get to cool down, so this mix is a chiller. just grab a glass and go. pink paper umbrella optional.

postscript: i’m so excited about the new plaid and kammerflimmer kollektief and venetian snares releases. they deserve a good listen + a posted review soon. [psst.. you can hear tracks from these releases on tonight’s radio show…]

* * * * * *

re the last bloggy week: i may be silent, but i am not absent!

lots o’ stuff going on. thesis continues to loom (until august 11 — can i get a collective whoop + holler when that day comes?). i’m cranking hard on the get-a-job mission. my mom and sis and wee cute kids came to town this weekend. last week has been subsumed with other projects: the new chitchatclub website which i designed (and should be live soon), and two days spent at a simplicity event at the lab. reviews of yummy times at atasca, tapeo, and red bones are pending.

* * * * * *

on to sleep, to escape this heat. believe me, what this city needs is a nice long siesta…

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