>writing this thesis is killing me!


but anyways, as proof that i’m still alive, mostly in pictures:

1. artbeat at davis square last saturday!

artbeat @ davis square artbeat @ davis square

weather was good and hooootttttttt, lots of fun vendors and stunts and events, and a ‘pure junk’ outdoors exhibits including some awesome pastiche clothing and metal robot sculptures by skunk, not to mention an enormous rug crocheted out of plastic bag strips and singleton shoe planters by miss bess paupeck. with all the craftsters, i wanted to buy everything and support it all! however, i and my pathetic wallet just left with a small toys to sew booklet by sewingstars teresa levy. her stuff always makes me swoon with cuteness!

then off to…

2. liusters in town saturday afternoon!

liu armada liu armada
liu armadathere’s my mom, sister grace, and the twin tykes hunter and sofia. nick, good sport as always, joined our clan. what’s amazingly about being in such a gaggle is that at any given moment, someone (including the adults) is either hungry, thirsty, tired, or has to go to the bathroom. it’s unreal!

we went on the swan boats in boston public gardens, and then played on the ducklings between other tourist’s kids’ photo ops. there was a dunkin’ donuts episode (my sis declared boston ‘dunkin’ donut land’) where i learned that hunter’s absolute favourite kind is pink with sprinkles. got it. sofia happily snarfed not one, but two, chocolate glazed donuts. atta girl!

i was pleased that the kids liked my small gifts to them (much much more than the knitted christmas gifts, i can safely say). sofia adored the hello kitty ‘schoolgirl’ plush, and we’ll have to see if the hunter’s comic book will instantly put him on the path to be comic book guy.

3. i got a haircut!


going to the salon, step by step hair escapades


the lengths we go for hair hair escapades [after]
the lengths we go for hairon one of the hottest days of the week, done at my usual digs, le gala hair group in chinatown. i’ve been going here for years, after realising it’s the best.

i recommend this place to *everyone* (of all ethnicities, trust me) because:

– it’s very modern and cozy, with an italian/asian sleekness, and flat-screen LCD screens *everywhere* (at every styling chair, at the shampoo sinks, by the waiting area) showing the very sparkly and bizarre footage from chinese pop concerts.
– during the shampooing, they give you a 5-10 minute head massage. i mean, not only the massage/lathering of the normal sort, but honest-to-goodness fingertips in your scalp, your hairline, your neck. it’s surprisingly intense, and somehow manages to be simultaneously relaxing and invigorating. this is my *favourite* part of the whole deal.
– they offer any beverage (water, soda, tea, coffee) once you sit in the chair. small favor, but so hospitable!
– a pretty thorough haircut. scissors, razors, blades, all sorts of tools here and there. i feel like the work is very detailed.
– a *second* shampoo to make sure all the loose hairs are outta there!
– secondary finalising cuttings, and then blowdry and serious styling with product.
– it’s obscenely cheap. $30! in boston! with all the perks!

i recommend stylists jimmy (the owner) and sam (broody-but-tender from hong kong). i mentioned as i was leaving that ‘haircuts here are the best deal in boston!’ jimmy let me in on some insider scoop that 23 years ago he was working on newbury street and did haircuts for $30. whoa. (and now they’re all like $100+). also, most of the super hip asian people go to hot gossip, which hosts a number of too-cool-for-you sleek japanese stylists with prices to match, but apparently michael (owner of hot gossip) used to work for jimmy! whoa.

so, what i’m saying, is that le gala is the best deal in boston, ever. with scalp massages. and tea!!!

i am the best evangelist for this place. if you go, tell them i sent you!

4. when things at smg get too quiet…

we just try on each other’s glasses. we’re just so creative.

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  1. >Very cute LiuCrew and haircut! I’m glad there’s someone else as obsessed with haircuts as I am. I might just try your mod asian place. $30? Can’t beat it!

  2. Rhonda says:

    >Whoa, a head message as well! Actually the only reason I go to a hairstylist is to get my hair/head washed by someone else, LOL. Oh so nice when somebody else does it!Hey I got a manicure & pedicure last week and the messages are the BEST thing to happen to feet or hands … besides the oil treatment that is!

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