>{ i hate the mbta i hate the mbta i hate the mbta i hate the mbta }*

*repeat ad nauseum

thank you, boston’s amazing system of public transportation, for wasting a half hour of my life almost every morning. your schedules are completely worthless if you don’t follow them consistently. as an abiding legs-only citizen, i have no choice but to rely on you… how can you have the heart to always let me down?

everytime this happens i either want to move to new york, defect to japan, or get a mini cooper. co-existing with the incompetencies of the mbta is a terrifying blight on the bright eye of boston.

okay. rant quota met for the day. back to work.

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  1. PlumTea says:

    >How about write to MBTA or Boston Globe with some of your time logs for their misgivings! Your writing reminds me of one winter day episode in front of a Bed & Breakfast in Somerville waiting for a bus ride to Davis Square station. I waited for one hour without signs of two supposed-arrived buses according to the schedule. Finally, I went back to the Bed & Breakfast place to ask for a ride (5 min.) to Davis station. The frustrated feeling is still vivid in my mind after 2 and half years!

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