>i have so much [back]log on my [web]log right now. however, midnight’s approaching, and if i don’t get any work done tomorrow i will indeed turn into a stressed, orange pumpkin. so, you know what that means… blitzblog!

here we go in reverse chronological order…

tonight i finally had a change to talk on the phone with my ex. just some friendly catchup that was long overdue, and with some relaxed and unharried conversation. seems like we’re doing well on our respective parallel paths, both academic and personal. it’s really fascinating (there’s probably another word for it, too) just thinking about how dramatically different my life is now from one or two years ago. different people in my life, different circumstances, different choices. one thing that was really quite surprising, and actually kind of funny, is that he always suspects whenever i call him i will have some huge item of news to disclose, like i am engaged or something. i find that truly hilarious, although i suppose it is uncommon for people who end relationships to continue investing time in a regular friendship. i hope i never end up breaking permanent ties with anyone i feel close at one point or another in my life. complete severance is a harsh thing.

this afternoon i attempted to find a decent messenger bag in the city of boston for my research prototype. it’s amazing how unsuccessful i was… are messenger bags just ‘out’ this season? i couldn’t find a simple, hip design for the life of me. i saw a colors of benetton one at tj.maxx that was kind of cute, but the design construction was a little strange… like an attache and a courier bag mated and spawned a grey sack with uncongruous orange straps everywhere. i ended up defaulting with some black rucksacks at H&M. a little rustic, but will do the job. however, i am horribly disapppointed with the selection i faced at downtown crossing. to reinforce my shopping displeasure, i promptly took a fantastic nap when i got back home.

before i went shopping though, i got a haircut. a little modern ‘do by jimmy at le gala salon in chinatown, my mainstay. honestly, where else can you get a scalp massage, a professional cut, and complimentary tea and soda for pretty much the cheapest rate around? also, must mention the italian lighting and all those flat-screen LCD televisions hung about, showcasing enthralling videos of asian popstars and karaoke ballads.

this afternoon, yummy brunch at johnny d’s. weekly dig, how i love thee!

so yesterday was the wedding on the cape. some tidbits to mention: the ceremony was short and sweet, and i loved how the readings diversely ranged from religious to literary to spiritual. everything from 1 corinthians to the blessing of the apaches. a very special moment was when chris read somewhere i never travelled by e e cummings for julie. super-romantic. she had on a traditional-style strapless ballgown, but what caught my eye (and made the outfit, i think) was a lovely gold brooch pinned to the side of her waiststrap, which i later discovered belonged to her grandmother.

the reception was at a small inn and bistro in sandwich, ma, and i was thoroughly impressed by the food and drink presentation. you know how sometimes you go to group events and they serve stuff like chicken or pasta because it’s (1) cheap and (2) bland and boring yet generally likable? i really hate that. the wedding reception edibles last night, on the other hand, were truly classy and inventive. thank you so much, chris and julie, for investing in good food for the guests. we started off with a pre-dinner buffet, filled with yummies like good cheese, fruit, tapenade, proscuitto, herbed mozzarella salad. waiters came around with plates of hors d’oeuvres with the likes of wild mushroom in phyllo, andouille sausage in puff pastry, peking duck mini egg rolls, and mini crab cakes. dinner was a sit-down affair, with champagne and wine a-flowing. first course was this salmon and vegetable wrap thing, a fancy appetizer. following that was a spinach salad, dressed with dried cranberries and wrapped within a belt of proscuitto. the main entrees were roasted lamb en croute and chilean sea bass within a mediterranean tomato-based sauce with pearl barley and capers. niknak and i shared both dishes, which were quite delicious. then lastly, of course, was the wedding cake. i’m guessing something like hazelnut cake with vanilla icing, very sweet and yummy. we didn’t end up leaving the reception until after 10:30pm. five hours of eating, drinking, dancing, and smalltalking… not too shabby.

and niknak was dressed so handsome! i’ve always loved pinstripes. :) we danced a bit, which was quite heartwarming, though we’ll have to practice a bunch to rival some of the elderly but rug-cutting couples we saw on the dancefloor. i know i will have to glean some jitterbug skills from my parents one of these days.

*yawn* bliu blitz blog to be continued. i should be completely ecstatic that i am living life at a greater pace than i can ably write down, but at times i need some moments to catch up! :) however, maybe all this collective electronic memory may one day come back to haunt us. humans were engineered with forgetness built in, which in many ways renders these tools of remembrance a significant necessity. will i be re-reading all these words when i’m 90 years old and wielding a retrograde ascii reader? only time will tell.

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