>these last couple weeks have been the most busy i have experienced in recent memory. yay for the onset of the school year! the colorful columns in my iCal aren’t merely due to the new instantiation of classes, but also conference deadlines and fabulous concerts and interesting talks and career fair madness.

oh yes, a job! something. post-thesis. interesting. stimulating. mysterious and as of yet undetermined. somehow it amazes me how early this process starts, way before anyone gets a chance to let the gravity of its significance on life sink in.

[i’ll write some guidelines for myself tonight. standards, you know.]

p.s. so last friday night, the eve of chris’ wedding, i accompanied niknak to burlington coat factory to help him choose some pants from the astonishing selection of fine men’s clothing. [insert sarcasm here.] anyway, it’s always a fun excursion into the underground land of overstocks and imperfects. however, i couldn’t help but notice this display near the discounted half-filled bottles of lotion and stained kids’ books, of teenage mutant ninja turtle candy. TMNT! i can’t even imagine how old this candy was, candy that was viably still for sale. it was a true x-entertainment moment. maybe next time i’ll acquire one turtle egg and do my own experiments on classic early 1990’s artifacts. yum.

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