>squeaky clean, ready to take on the evening in stride. that is, as much as i can with an icepack on my swell, the wallowing in heart aura, and galaxies fading into black.

this weekend i had a dream that i found shards of glass in my mouth. was i swallowing bits of broken mirrors, goblets asmash, pained windows? i tried to clear my throat, but the particles kept reappearing, an abrasion along my tongue, cheeks. miraculously, i dont remember any blood, but the clear, sharp fragments persisted, dancing about, tickling, scratching raw tissue.

[the gym is great for letting off steam. as sweat pours, catharsis occurs. exude the pain, lift the pride, slam the evils. burn the energy that would otherwise be spent ruminating over past ills.]

last night, with a tiny bit of fancy nervousness and a bit of girlish curiosity, met with r.w. (not that one, this one) at grendel’s and had an enjoyable little outing over warm-spicy hot toddy (1798 Root’s Amer. Law Rep. I. 80 For giving her a dose in some toddy, to intoxicate and inflame her passions., yay for the OED). intrigued by the cosmopolite, but even more encouraged by interests:whitespace, nerdy foibles, and photographic obsession. his smile melted my ice-cubes.

earlier on sunday, went to the collisionsix exhibit at art interactive in central square, the last day of the installation. not only were there a smattering of medialabbies showing their work, but also further motivated by the company of a.z. a wide range of mixed media work, from hayes’ urinal hamster (and new shoot-em US election version!) game, to this creepy but completely mesmerizing pneumatic bionic log that looked horrifically alive. my favs included the altoids box soundscape, particularly the circular sequential motor circuit. the disc rotated slowly, calmly, as the boxes obediently chattered in a row. also, the bunnies were great, touch-wise. a series of inflated bunnies (each individually puffed with a fan), floppy ears and all, were scattered on the floor. if you squeezed one, it yielded to your touch, deflating easily. (the weightless air-squeeze feels amazingly satisfying…) but then, if you watch carefully, the surrounding bunnies also deflate slightly, seemingly out of empathy, a pitifully adorable ripple effect. the accompanying airline-safety-esque vector graphics of generia poking themselves within an ocean of white rabbits was a nice touch, too.

perhaps inspired, i had this grand idea of using human capacitance in an eating scenario. so, you’d have a pair of chopsticks, lined with copper or gold tape near the fingers, dressed up fancy like expensive sticks you’d get in pudong (hee!). there’d be a plate of food (say, sushi), with each of the morsels dressed with an edible conductive material. i thought about using edible gold leaf (which you can get here, it’s 23 karat!) to wrap around little rolls of sushi, sort of like adorning them with a tiny golden obi. glamour nori. i sometimes feel that when eating, the food doesnt really have a chance to defend itself, or at least actively participate in a civilized dialogue. so, as you’d go to pick up a roll, the close proximity would trigger vibrations in the other pieces, leaps of fear, perhaps, or maybe anticipation (i.e. the alien in toy story: i have been chosen. farewell, my friends… i go to a better place). i suppose that the agitations would most likely be triggered through pulsing magnets along the bottom of the plate… would the silver or gold obis be magnetically attracted at all? i wouldnt want somebody swallowing indigestible electronic components… hmm, perhaps a little extra iron filings (deftly woven into the grain of the nori, of course) wouldn’t hurt anyone. the pieces could skitter, could run away, could run closer, could create some internal formation. maybe a secret piece could house an explosively powerful motor, unleashing itself in an obi-ripping rice-sputtering rage, self-destructing in sushi-style martyrdom.

[and you thought they were merely raw fish…]

other than french draaaaaaaaaaaaaagees, some other tasty options are edible silver almonds and edible gold almonds. shiny has never been so yummy. and electric.

had a little roommate bonding over flannel-lined pants tonight. always wanted a cozy pair, year after year, shaking my fist at the frozen skies, shivering in misery. oh, what divine pleasure to be had in soft, insulated pant-legs! and in a cute print, to boot! perhaps this year will be the year…

holiday brilliance: cmliu christmas via the lab machines. take that, ruby-resin chiasso! cool steel christmas wonderland @ franc franc. watch out, she’ll be armed with a laser, and there’s no knowing what she’ll do…

but i always liked a good storm

i’m always good for a storm

this is cooling

faster than I can

hey yes, faster than I can

hey, this is cooling

this is cooling


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