>two most brilliant things witnessed today:

while doing a little research on underwater lighting and other sorts of suspended magicks, unfurled the breathtaking works of aquagallery, a tel-aviv based furniture+lighting design group. ayala serfaty is the brains behind the beauty, inventive designer-by-accident and supermom. i’ve been surfing through the site, and the forms are so graceful, striking, weightless. some favs are the blondie zee globules of light, satala hammock (pictured above; put one on my wishlist!), double peaches loveseat all peach-fuzzy, and the fresh table (i like how lemony velvet sounds). this chick is a huge inspiration… i wonder if she might be looking for more designers later on… will keep on the radar. simmer, simmer soft.

stumbled upon the homestarrunner wiki (courtesty of boingboing), which might well be the only site to surpass the original website in terms of procrastination potential. everything and all homestar, indexed, combed over, comprehensive! imagine the heart-stopping moment when i read that homestar (and marshie, that fluffy freak) made a surprise guest appearance via puppetry at a they might be giants concert in september. aaah! everybody knows it! everybody knows it’s true! all resplendent with two-eyes-on-one-side-of-face. cute cute cute. i just want to go up and hug his soft white adorable stupidity. and naturally, he’ll hug back in his signature armless way. somehow. heehee.

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