>too tired to blink[y], and ankle looks like it could swallow manhattan. we’re defaulting to blitzblogging tonight, folks.

in my incessant hunt for a winter coat, found a beauty at the garment district (my first time!) this afternoon. tucked within the 60’s-70’s room, the dark green wool, double-breasted coat sports the loveliest shiny brown buttons. looks similar to this (found on vintage70sclothing.com), except it’s maxi-length (at least on me, heehee) and is much more huntergreenish. i like to think i have superpowers when wearing it. still lusting after a winter white coat, though. find my drool attached to the $350 fur-collared number at the benetton on newbury; style-wise, it’s quite similar to the green one in its pseudo-militariness, but there’s a touch of glamour with the fluff. now, to find the other $344.05 lying around…

this morning, thought of a cute TUI idea for data transfer. while musing on nature’s perfect delivery systems, we admired the ant in all his dogged, collaborative, and intelligent modes of work. i mean, try to set up a picnic, and watch the armies come. straight as an arrow, the line of ants walk dutifully towards the target. reliable, inevitable process. what if you could use the ants as conductive material, or as vessels for data packets? say that i have a file on my machine here that i want to transmit to your machine there. just prepare a nice moist slice of dark chocolate cake, set it on a smart plate that’s linked to your system, and i’ll then unleash my bugs. perhaps the formic acid critters could live through a bathing experience in some sort of copper solution. so they’d march, slowly but steadily, to their supper. once they finally assemble onto the plated cake, the transfer completes, the file exists through the connection of all the ants, and they fall lifeless as the electrical charge completes their purpose. and look! a data transfer with an ephemeral medium, and you get to eat yummy, protein-enriched cake. i dont think it gets much better than that.

[turtle. harry o’s. pumpkin muffin.]

too bad i left my knitting needles back at home. will retrieve come thanksgiving. time to hit up woolcott and make myself a sexy cowl or something. any ideas?

cleaned out my wallet tonight of all the little bits and pieces that find their way inside somehow, and out tumbled receipts for dinners at big bowl, and joy-yee’s. yes, i’ll have a beer. the boys will have water. and please, i’ll take the check, thank you very much. with a smile at each elbow, i relish a powerful feminine presence at the dinner table. ;) also, mango ice drinks and eel-topped noodles, perched on wooden soup-bowl-etched stools. take a sip before i fly away. hurry, hurry.

before that sweetness leaves your lips, i’ll be gone.

good night. aussie wishes you sweet dreams, too.

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