>is there a word that describes the simultaneous sensation of being completely exuberant and completely exhausted? i’m a writer, right? so i should be able to derive these things easily, we’ll see…

anyway, i’m personally cached for about a week. here’s some fun stuff from last weekend, a two-day dip down to soho / nolita / east village.

(or should it be eat village? mmmm)

highlights: beautiful mexican propane stoves, a matrix of $50 cashmere, an aerobed-bearing host, sweet potato shochu, slurping xiao lung bao, cheap coffee at endless chinese bakeries, no metro, fung wah loses to lucky star, a robot talent show, 3-for-2 sapporo, sushi meets salami, pink machine trumps human, soho retail trumps art, tummy-salvation brunch, and tucking in to sleep soundly after one of the most beautiful days in the world.

* perhaps i’m electrocuted. isnt both energy and aftermath apparent? maybe electrocution à la mode. that sounds a bit more sophisticated.

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