>we are crazy. i woke up at 6:45am this morning so i could stand outside on drizzly newbury street for two hours before the masses were unleashed onto the viktor & rolf collection at h&m.

i’d say we were about #7 in line. one guy behind us was mentioning that he was so excited he showed up at the store at 5am, saw no one was there, got embarassed, and left to return later on. how hilarious is that? at least i can reassure myself that i’m not the most pathetic fashion victim in the city…

this is sam mendoza, of jetom clothing and stil cohort. he was pretty disappointed that the V&R bowties werent for sale, but he did snag some pretty sexy underwears.

by the way, see that wedding dress? yeah, YEAH? :)

here i am! here is sam! we’re damp, sleep-deprived, and chomping at the bit. surveying the crowd, we’re getting ready to whip out the brass knuckles if circumstances necessitated.

you think we’re kidding, dont you? ;) intense, people, intense.

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  1. Reese says:

    >you guys are total fashion nerds. i can’t believe you weren’t the first ones there. revel in your fashion nerdiness.so can we see the wedding dress on?

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