news: cmliu.com got a makeover. [finagling bits of chartreuse always provides a great deal of amusement.] nothing too elaborate, but i felt like i needed a bit of a dramatic electronic entrance. an anchor-tag-peppered anteroom of sorts? please let me know what you think. perhaps my witty-self-talk echos inanely when not read or written at two o’clock in the morning.

sadly, my review of the psapp / juana molina / jose gonzalez show has to be postponed yet again. for a rainy day, perhaps. i wish to write it with reasonable extensiveness… all i can dispense is that it was fantastic! it gave me renewed faith that live performance by real flesh-and-blood musicians are not yet dead.

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  1. >Looks great. Clean. Simple. Easy. Beautiful.And the About page rocks too. I love the enbedded links to your google hits. Too funny.

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