>it was as if i was cosplay‘d by a textbook example of my thesis.

this morning, i was waiting for the bus at the usual intersection. there was one other woman there that i didnt recognize. i stood a little distance away, shading myself beneath the narrow overhang of the sidewalking-lining apartments. i was simultaneously staring into space and vaguely noticing the woman’s cropped green pants. summer is so here, i thought, feeling the sticky heat coming on fast.

then the woman (who was reading a book) turned around and approached me.

she said, your bag! i saw it online. and she smiled.

i was a bit confused and wondering which bag she was referring to. urbanhermes? my daily ordning + reda bag?

she went on: the laptop bag. i’ve seen it online. what do you think? is it a good bag? i love the colours it comes in!

(referring to my timbuk2 marina laptop bag in PINK, which is not a colour option on that webpage, ha ha!)

aah. i murmured something about it being my first laptop bag, and i was pretty adamant about not having a bag that looked like a laptop bag, and how acme bags are super yet so expensive, blah blah. yeah, the marina, it’s a good bag, thanks!

bags and onlineness and waiting for the bus-ness and random fashion-based social catalyst. it was just way too perfect. eerie!

2 Responses to “”
  1. String Bean says:

    >The timbuk2 bag looks vaguely like a bowling ball bag, just a little thinner.

  2. Reese says:

    >eerie!!!!that bag looks pretty damned awesome. i love sumdex bags too. now i want to read your thesis… but do you have a quick one liner on what you’re doing so i can be lazy?

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