>summaah is officially baak.

get your kicks sticky with an earful of sans serif. hot off the griddle, dissolving into caramel convalescence…

peek at the playlist if you’re curious why double a’s are so haat right naah.

two amazing double-plays for tonight:

turntables On the hudson: six remix
nickodemus and mariano go for mixed pinks on wonderwheel records.

they’re in boston on july 9 on the charles boat cruise. anyone know anything about this? i cant make google cooperate… an awesome lineup of breakbeat boating cannot leave port without me!

we never sleep; plus, we drop the lime on tigerbeat6 records.

this album is complex, dark, rife with subterranean subconscious with aural loops, layers, and loquacity galore. it’s as if you took a handful of dewy black cherries, mashed them with vodka and vinegar, and spread them thickly on the exposed skin of a doe-eyed nymph spinning turntables. extremely tasty.

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