>i got my peepers dialated for the first time tonight.

überblack. kinda creepy, no?

just a routine eye exam, making sure everything’s squeaky clean (squish.squish) in there. i’m happy to report that my myopia isn’t getting worse, quelling my fear of a near-sighted demise. so they put in the funny drops to dialate my pupils, and i know that it chemically makes your eyes go like 0_0 so the doctor can reeeeeally have a good look, but i had no idea how it would feel or what i would experience. i got the drops, and went back into the waiting room to kill time while the chemicals did their action. i picked up a tattered copy of cosmo girl (it was either that or guitar world! have pity!), and things were fine for a bit. slowly i was having more and more trouble reading. my left eye was ok, if i just held that one open, but my right one was totally rolling around in my head, unable to focus. pretty soon i had to put down the magazine because reading was nigh impossible. is this what being far-sighted is like?

anyway, on the way home i stopped by whole foods to check out their cleanser selection (see post below). everything seemed normal, until i tried to read the type smaller than 12pt on the labels. i was reeling, and doing weird optical acrobatics like holding it at arm’s length, blinking, squinting, holding one eye open, etc. it was a disaster.

got home, fetched the mail, and realised i could hardly make out the names on the envelopes. eep!

no reading for me, so i heated some leftovers and watched are you being served? and keeping up appearances. thank goodness my eyes have recovered a bit; though i can touch-type, blogging would have been a challenge in my state two hours ago… hee.

p.s. i finally received my invitation code for google analytics, a g-afied version of sitemeter. we’ll see how the tools measure up…

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