>whatever you do, do not use this product.

say no to Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub.

i picked this cleanser up from the drugstore several weeks ago, my first time trying this particular product (but i’m not a stranger to scrubs), and have been washing my face with it daily. i can find no real fault with its cleaning abilities, but the microdermabrasion beads are overkill in number and are obstinately non-dissolving. i have, for the second time, gone to the eye services at the university medical services to scourge a ‘foreign object’ from my eye. the first time, a couple weeks ago, i felt a teeny yet annoying discomfort in my eye, and the doctor found two clear glass beads under my left eyelid with a bit of scratching on my cornea (which soon healed after the things were removed). this morning i felt a similar sensation in my right eye, and although the doctor didn’t find anything to remove, i imagine it might have just fallen out after she flipped my lid (literally). still really really annoying.

when i get home i’m going to trash this thing and never use it again. am i an atypical user, or are there legions of people out there with foreign objects in their eyes? *blink*

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  1. Reese says:

    >oh scrubs… i love them, but the whole eye issue is a problem. i use them in the shower hence a better flush mechanism, but i’m sure those times i had eye irritation was due to the goddamn scrub. the pink face scrub (the name/brand escapes me) is pretty good. it’s a clear gel like thing with pink and white and clear balls in suspension. did i just use suspension in a comment? i need to stop.

  2. Alice says:

    >i had exact same problem with that a few years back. the body shop exfoliating things are too much for me tooi find porriage mixed with a bit of salt works really well. not everyday, but great.

  3. Rhonda says:

    >I take it, this happens from using the scrub on your forehead? You shouldn’t be scrubbing around your eyes… only use cream for removing eye makeup.I never used those scrubs, but I’m wondering… how about using one of those rubber eye covers while washing your face & forehead? Remove it only after rinsing the scrub off real good. This might help avoid the eye irritation.

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