>if you missed it, i’m sorry.

the mit press loading dock sale.

it’s the notorious, twice-annual event where prices of tomes are slashed to incredible lows at one of the most interesting book selections around. books are priced at $1 (journals), $3, $5, and $10 (substantial editions), and although the ambiance is vaguely filene’s basement-esque (a little disorganized selection, a lot of nudging elbows with other cramped souls), it’s actually one of the best shopping experiences. it happened this weekend, and i went this afternoon (though some people had to one-up and go both days!) ;)

what i left with:

in the bubble: designing in a complex world, john thackara
hardcover, $10!

bachelors, rosalind krauss
hardcover, $5!

the emperor of scent: a story of perfume, obsession, and the last mystery of the senses, chandler burr
hardcover, $6.95!

and, just because i couldn’t resist, i picked up the latest issue of gastronomica on my way out.

one of my fav fav magazines! and as to the knowledge that mit press bookstore now carries this publication, yum.

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