i guess i’m on a music + sound kick lately (perhaps fueled by the sigtronic passions of co-pilot niknak) but i recently revisited my last.fm account, drippy-dryly languishing since my last login from october 2005. it’s difficult keeping up with the resourceful, world-revolutionising powerhouse that is web 2.0. heh.

anyway, last.fm was brought up in today’s weekly smg roundtable and i re-discovered how cool it is. like flickr for the audio. or increasingly rich data models of ourselves in highly maintained digital identities. whatever.

if you haven’t poked around yet, i must say the system design is well-done, and the interface isn’t too hard on the eyes, either. a lot of the site is in php, so it isn’t the quickest thing around, but it’s definitely very usable.

so check out what i’m listening to over on the sidebar.

[you must know that i was very excited to use the pink one.]

of course, i must elucidate (or disclaim?) that most of the audio on my current computer is either stuff collected from the wmbr library for my radio show, random downloads (the only full album i’ve ever purchased from iTunes is takk), and stuff acquired after summer 2005. i still have about 2000 mp3s on my other dead napping desktop which is in indefinite coma.

that said, i present my playlistible heart on the auralsonificating sleeve.

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  1. cati says:

    >This is sooo cool. I love your blog and all these cool tricks I did not know about. I have linked flick slideshow on my blog, but will now dig into all the tips you have found :)thank you Christine

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