>five things to note as of last night:

number one.

last night i saw amina and sigur ros in live performance at the orpheum in boston. i can leave you with this: it was the exact (give or take; as in ‘same tour series’) show as they put on in october at the opera house, except this time the venue was crappier, the crowd was ruder, and performance a bit less magical. maybe we’re jaded, but niknak and i had oodles to lob back and forth about how the october show was more enjoyable. location is everything, and the orpheum literally made me want to recoil in disgust. a shame that such a beautiful, historical building is left to rot in neglect. it’s beyond me.

anyway, above are amina, with their lovely fairy chamber music. i have this secret fantasy where each of the four members of amina are matched up with each member of sigur ros and they all live and make music together in a smokey, swan-swathed castle.

number two.

i can back to my apartment with two mysterious packages. one was the new rowan #39. boy, this really made me more of a i-hate-summer-knits sort of person. i have to take a closer look at the patterns, but i was dismayed that the narrative with the most focus was the ugly tribal stuff. i love the photography and styling. however, if you take away the desert, the colourful headdresses, and the sand-swept man, you are left with atrocious, pseudo-bohemian-no-you’re-not-really-with-it knits. a more in-depth review to come.

number three.

my secret pal sent awesome schtuff! no pic yet, but it gives unavoidable tribute to both my lips and my lens.es.es.es.

yummy yarn in the form of 4 skeins of laines du nord kovall, 100% bouncy bouncy merino! very much like karabella aurora 8, except in aran weight. gotta love those europeans! 2 in cream, 2 in burgundy. can’t wait to try it someday. maybe post-graduation? ha.

number four.

it’s confirmed… i’m going to montreal for the conference in april! yay! canada!

number five.

this is the biggie.

i’m going to be at the project runway show at fashion week! bryant park on friday morning, bright and early. sweet love to diana who gave me her guest ticket to the show! she picked me with the criteria of ‘who’s a friend who is most obsessed with project runway would appreciate the opportunity the most?’ and so i’m going. so rad and surreal and fantastic. i’ll try to make sure to absorb and reflect (fancy) as much as i can from the experience. also planning to rock the tents and also make a stopover at the costume institute at the MET.

let me know if you want anything from nyc, can recommend any places. i’ll be there for a wee bit on thursday evening into friday afternoon. i’m so excited! :)

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  1. Crystal says:

    >Hi,I ran across your blog searching for Rowan 39, and seeing as how you seem to really hate it… would you be interested in selling it to me if you still have it? I only want one pattern out of the whole magazine, so I really hate to buy it for full price, since, yeah… most of the patterns are fugly! For some reason, I fell in love with the Rambling Rose cardigan, and know it’s the only pattern in the whole book I’d ever make, so now I’m trying to find the book for cheap so I can make it. Thanks!

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