la la la. i havent knit seriously in weeks, and tonight seemed like a mood to tackle a dust-bunnied WIP. the james coviello jacket in vogue knitting holiday 2005 is supposedly my ‘quick knit’, with polar weight yarn (lion brand wool-ease thick + quick in charcoal) and a hefty pair of size 15 needles. but, such is my style, to be the proverbial hare and take a little nap down the road. :) one thing motivating me is the weather; what a pity to have an unfinished wool sweater when the warmth of spring comes around. this evening i finished up one of the sleeves in an hour (would i be ticketed for speeding?) and am now in the process of finishing. one side seam and fitted sleeve to go. we wont worry about weaving in ends or blocking just now… allow me to beam in the glow of an impending FO. (ah.)

plus, i am more than thrilled that the sweater actually approximates my size! the sleeves are a perfect knuckle-grazing length, and the fudged gauge (i knit the large in hopes of producing a small) actually computes. my process usually goes like this: impatiently knit a swatch, do a little math, estimate my cast-on, and pray. only later when the garment fits like a rucksack (figure 2.3.b: leaf lace pullover) do i begin to reconsider the fit. but no harm, each project is a little crafty lesson learned. :)

check out the bobble mania. i think it’s even more bobble-dense than expected because i’m knitting at a tighter gauge than the pattern: large disparate bobbles –>shrinnnk–> small moshpit bobbles. they’re cute and nubbbbbllblblly. hope nobody loses an eye when i come close.

in other news: sigur ros is tomorrow! at the orpheum! and i! cant! wait!

*sweet dreaming of iceland, water and whispers and waffles and elves…*

takk fyrir, my dears.

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  1. >Oh … I love it. Congrats! Wear it on Thurs?

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