>a goodbye party for ben dalton (who’s leaving for the UK on monday) transpired last night at this tremendously spectacular loft in fort point. deliciously spacious and subtly covert. friends gathered from far and wide to comingle as artists do.

captioning from T -> B, L -> R:

the 14ft-ceilinged space houses two designers who adorn their charming abode with their paintings, architectural sketches, and vintage furnishings. this picture captures like 10% of the entire space. their bathroom is larger than my bedroom. it really does bring tears to your eyes.

liucubed + niknak, as seen from the rest of the taller world.

aaron + orkan, doing their part to reprazent smg in das haus. taken as seen from much smaller christine.

live music sampled set accompanied by wall projection and glitchy nintendo riffs. you can see ben rocking out in the red robot tshirt in the background. the world shall dearly miss my first cassette.

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