>i have finally harnessed (about time, right?) the search-feed power of google’s blogsearch (much in the same way that others use technorati) to find out what people are talking about. namely, me. :) some pleasing discoveries:

  • mollycoddle really made the rounds. the first mention was from regine on wmmna, and then meandered through blogspace to new art (a performance/installation art blog based in lisbon, portugal), turbulence, some russian blog in cyrillic. my favorite gofugyourselfwithwearables you-make-crap (as opposed to money-not-art) entry is at delta-sigma.
  • the only one in the entire world who seems to link to my blog is danielle. without her, i’d be virtually nothing. (ha. ha…)
  • and… there’s not much else. not terribly exciting nor particularly pleasing. hmm.

the entire last day and a half has been nothing more than surreal. details soon, i promise. however, i can say that i had a spectacular coincidence this afternoon when i tackled ms. hanacious in the sprawling citizens bank at harvard square (i like green, but banks in general make me queasy). we embarked on an impromptu eating session, which managed to incorporate small hot chilies, carrot-strip stealing, and sippable salty limes.

i told you, i like green.

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