>since i’ve been mincing a lot of words lately, here are some photographs to make up for the missing thousands…

went with josh and his dad to the feast of st. anthony’s, which happened to be on my birthday. sights of dollar bills stuck to the saint and bitings into juicy sausages. licked some delectable gelato (double combo of pistachio and mint chocolate chip, a festival of green, reminding me of prettier times) and took in a gorgeous view of the harbor, perched on the outskirts of an abandoned parking lot. on the ride home on the T, the train driver happened to be one of those peppy, chatty types, and before i knew it, the entire ridership of the green line managed to sing me “happy birthday.” i blushed through the whole thing, but loved every second of it.

last weekend, our greek hall counselor threw a huge gastronomic bash featuring souvlaki, tetrazini, and about a couple hundred pounds of feta sprinkled onto any imaginable surface. truly yummy. i was showing off my gorgeous cambridge view out my window to a friend and was treated to this brilliant sky. later on, went to see a bunch of short films at copley on the second night of the boston film festival. my favorite was a pseudo 1950’s-style black-and-white musical number called ‘rent-a-person,’ in which a men’s restroom attendant finally figures out a way to find happiness. [it answers the question of who those people are in the photograph when you buy picture frames. you wonder sometimes, don’t you?]

home sweet home. although, i have a better duvet now (burgundy dupioni silk!) and one day will manage to get some furniture that will satisfy my high standards of aesthetics. just waiting for the right moment to finally acquire my le corbusier chaise longue, vintage eames desk, and piet mondrian original. eat your heart out, pottery barn.

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