>one last long night of typing and tarrying. post-pizza and newcastles at dudley house; brings back memories of the unfamiliar. do you remember, j? strum your bass for me. [i go through all this… before you wake up… so i can feel happier.]

met an insane amount of people over the last two weeks, and still sorting out the social sentiments of it all. just got reinspired to keep up my blog (thanks to my two-degree connection to ivrea); nothing stirs up my envy more than a coherent and cross-referenced collection of online writings. my mas projects will be documented up here, soon, too. once i get that going, it will be a beautiful moment, indeed.

i miss my string quartet.

today i went to my first bhangra class and shrugged my shoulders with abandon. [oh yea.] we learned some steps with descriptives such as “wheat,” “serving,” and “bird,” and kicking and wrist-flailing to the beat becomes amazingly tiring, yet addictive. i can’t wait to test out my moves at some underground punjabi club or something. now i finally feel gratified after living vicariously through ‘bend it like beckham.’ wedding party, look out.

to do: art deco show at the mfa, cake at orpheum, visit the new opera house, dinner at tamarind bay, render in blender, find more viola repertoire, get a sofa, and l’orfeo posters.

[btw, i snagged the nara. she skis so prettily, too.]

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