>today is saturday, may third. junior year classes (lectures, sections, tireless reading, creative procrastination) are officially over. i find the penultimateness of it all remarkably surreal. the artifact below heralds the much anticipated final assembly meeting of moral reasoning, in fine misono manner, seeking amusement through the nuances of cellphone photography and intermittent moments of glee consummately unrelated to anything whatsoever:

last weekend i hosted two (plus one absentee) pre-froshies, who lived like true harvardian princesses in an immaculately clean room, each on a mattress, with treats on their pillows to welcome them, and a hostess willing to answer questions around the clock. these lovely desserts from finale (hazelnut torte and mini cheesecake, as they hint to my tantalized senses) were a thoughtful gift to both kate (roomie) and i from the mother of one of the girls (i love mommies!!!!). i hope to see both amy and erin here next year, although erin was often seen suspiciously toting a yale nalgene (lenal? yagen? alen? lealg?) bottle. only time will tell… with sincere harvard pride beating ferociously in my breast, i hope to be seen on the manicured greens of the yard this summer leading admissions tours to bespectably inquisitive parents, smug burberried legacies, diehard prospectives with a dog-eared copy of emerson tucked neatly within the band of their iron-pressed khakis, and the uncategorizables. what a glorious job.

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