>’tis a sad circumstance that 2.253 months have allowed themselves to elapse, invisible, intangible, an untransferred abstraction. no regret, only yearning, i wist of wits unknown.

hence the slight embarassment and hidden rejoice of seeing my own story in the most buzzbuzz college weekend paper, the crimson’s fifteen minutes (of arc, lovely curvature, viewing range, don’t mind the blur). welcome, dear readers, inquisitive wanderers, fine sympathizers, green dishwashers.

every time i sit down, i wish to write, but hesitate, for i could step into myself and never escape. turning, i float, the page weeping glacier white.

swish swish, i hear you, my strawberry frapp�, the glass forming an ovaltine beauty of ellipses… dissolve slowly into richness, happy birthday.

p.s. for those who were wondering how princess is faring… she’s happily and enzymatically feasting on two lovely crickets at present.

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