>boy. talk about terrible blog maintenance.

well, at least i have some semblance of an excuse. not only have the recent weeks been the ending of a long semester (enduring my last papers, problem sets, and primroses as a sophomore!), but also i was devastatingly sick with viral and bacterial infections for a whole week. you can be sure that created a lot of backlog (and backblog, naturally). i’m feeling a lot better these days, except now that classes are over, i’m more inclined to partying and sleeping at 4:39am for five days straight… the last thing i need is to become ill again!

anyway, the clock is ticking, so perhaps i’ll just create a blitz blog of what’s been missing:

the man who peels mangoes

waiting for wednesday

the autoharp

frank stella’s son

my rice-cooker loves me

tender sausage-stuffed rack of pork

bruce marden’s daughter

a wayward shopping cart

the name ‘sage’

two wellesley freshmen

dale let me touch his “laptop”

poster girl

unrequited love

cosmic ringtones

a k_6 complete graph on a real dunkin’ donut

kawamura and stolen perrier

I-24 I-25 and hopefully I-23

collision of my harvard and mit social orbs

dudley co-op’s spin-licious saturday night

convinced matt to come to dr. y’s piece

requited love

absence of the space-time continuum

and so it goes.

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