>i suppose eschewing the shuttle once in a while is good for me. :) at 10am, i ran out to catch the bus, but even at the curb it was already packed like sardines. the weather was cloudy, windy, yet peculiarly balmy, so i began to walk. i traversed the trodden way up plympton and down mass ave to enter the gate near bolyston hall. then it happened: the natalie-spotting. she was coming out of the gate into the street as i was entering the yard. it was an unexpectedly exciting moment as we passed each other, she in her red wool coat and toting a small leather bag. yeah, i understand natalie portman is just like any other student, but still, seeing her gives you a slight thrill. she’s such a talented celebrity, somehow you think that you may be imparted with such goodness by merely being in the same zipcode, or sharing the same cantabridgian sidewalk. this is the first time i’ve seen her all year, so please forgive my inexplicable star-craze. and isnt JTT going to return to campus next year? ooh l� l�…

advo online is still ongoing. i designed an impromptu homepage prototype tonight when i should have been doing more ‘productive’ stuff, but it’s a good release at the end of the day. “let me be empty / and weightless and maybe / I’ll find some peace tonight” (as spoken by the angelic ms. maclachlan.)

still dealing with summer housing issues, but i found out tonight i was accepted to stay at my preferred mit fraternity house! house is beautiful, located in posh neighborhood, stocked with the friendliest guys… completely ideal. i will most likely move in this summer, but just seeing if i can procure free housing with much luck…

my nylonized (read: digitized) tote bag is a smashing success. well, not really, but in my dreams it flies… and peels fruit…

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