shoulder-high snow peas

starting today, the watering, weeding, and get-dirt-on-your-knees volunteering is rolling into motion at the 200 foot garden (you can read my first day’s account of discovering this tiny fertile bed of soil hugging an otherwise unremarkable sidewalk in brookline). anyone can volunteer, and here’s the latest email update from local garden co-founder, pat.

Hi Everyone,

We’re hoping to start our regular work days at the 200 Foot Garden this Tuesday evening, at 6:30pm. We’ll keep gathering at the garden every Tuesday at 6:30 for the rest of the summer (though we’ll shift the time earlier, when the days get shorter at the end of August). We’ll do a little bit of weeding, a little bit of harvesting, and watering as needed.

We also need to firm up watering teams for the summer. On Tuesdays, watering can take place at the work day evening session. We also need people to help water on other days. I know we’ve got Nathan and Yvonne on Thursdays but can use another Thursday person. We also need a weekend team. (And if it gets hot and dry for long stretches like last year, we might end up watering almost every day.)

I’m back from my travels now, so if you’re available for watering please let me know what days work best for you. And please feel free to pass the word–more hands make the job go a lot faster.

Be sure to stop by the garden this week and pick some snow peas. They’re spectacular–shoulder high and prolific.

I hope to see some of you on Tuesday! (We need to pick some weeds and thin the greens.)


his email is if you want to get in touch.

i scouted the lush wall of pea tendrils for snow pea pods, but i only managed to find one. maybe the local passersby have already helped themselves. i hope, wherever they went, the peas have brought joy–sweet, crunchy, and built on the efforts of many.

One Response to “shoulder-high snow peas”
  1. Hi Christine,

    Very glad that you’re going to be involved with the garden and that you’re helping spread the word. Don’t give up on looking for those snow peas–they keep on growing. At our work day on the 21st, we picked more than half a pound of them. We’ll have another work day on July 5, and at that point will start taking out some of the pea vines–they don’t like the heat and we need to make room for the cucumbers.


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