Where to Eat in 2010: 50 Great Restaurants for 50 Occasions via Boston Magazine

Boston Magazine recently announced its 50 restaurant picks of the year.

A bit of a misnomer: There are 51 restaurants in the list. (Perhaps a bakers’ definition?) But I’m not complaining; even limiting my personal favorites of the year to 51 is a challenge.

I’ve put them in alphabetical order and provided the corresponding links to their respective pages on urbanspoon for your hungry, analytic pleasure. There you can be my friend, upload your snapshots, compile an eating wishlist and generally OD on restaurant wisdom.

What do you think of the list? Anyone missing? Anyone overblown? I noticed one category oddly missing: cafes, bakeries and general chillax-ish restaurants. The list contains inexpensive and casual picks, from sports bars to late-night dives to all-out brunch, so it’s not a price thing. The plot (and my latte) thickens.

The Heights: When the occasion calls for excess

The Beehive
Great for: Girls’ night out

Bistro du Midi
Great for: Mom and Dad’s Big night out

Daily Dish: Friday

Old Faithfuls: The Fine-Dining Fail-Safe

Great for: A belly-busting bar-gain

Great for: Dinner with New York food snobs

Craigie on Main
The Heights: When the occasion calls for excess

East Coast Grill
Old Faithfuls: The Good-Time Go-To

Eastern Standard
Hot Seats

Great for: A hush-hush birthday

Daily Dish: Thursday

Franklin Cafe
Great for: A first date

The Friendly Toast
Great for: Breakfast after a big night

Gargoyles on the Square
Old Faithfuls: The Mixed-Drink Mecca

Grill 23
Hot Seats

Hungry Mother
Great for: A third date

Il Casale
Daily Dish: Saturday

Legal Sea Foods
Great for: Dinner with your celiac sister-in-law

The Lansdowne
Great for: Burgers and beer on game day

The Heights: When the occasion calls for excess

Market by Jean-Georges
Great for: A blowout birthday

Daily Dish: Monday

Daily Dish: Monday

Neptune Oyster
Great for: A second date

No. 9 Park
Hot Seats

North 26
Great for: Dinner with tourists

O Ya
The Heights: When the occasion calls for excess

Old Faithfuls: The Exotic Oasis

Post 390
Great for: Afterwork drinks that turn into dinner

Publick House
Great for: Boys’ night out

The Heights: When the occasion calls for excess

Old Faithfuls: The Family-Dining Fave

Hot Seats

Old Faithfuls: The Cozy Standby

Great for: Cheating on your diet

Sel de la Terre
Great for: Snacks after a shopping spree

Great for: Maxing out your expense account

Daily Dish: Monday

Great for: A solo outing

T. W. Food
Daily Dish: Tuesday

Daily Dish: Wednesday

Temple Bar
Great for: Dinner with your vegetarian cousin

Ten Tables Cambridge
Great for: Popping the question

Great for: A secret rendezvous

Great for: A group outing

Trina’s Starlite Lounge
Great for: Drinking and dining

Daily Dish: Sunday

Upstairs on the Square
Hot Seats

Vee Vee
Great for: Sticking to your diet.

Great for: A breakup

4 Responses to “Where to Eat in 2010: 50 Great Restaurants for 50 Occasions via Boston Magazine”
  1. eclip5e says:

    >Great list!What characteristic makes anyplace great for a breakup?I'm totally digging your new site, i'm RSSing it. I love your format. Short and sweet (and creative).

  2. christine says:

    >short and sweet and creative? thank ye.on woodward and breakups, here's their full scoop: "If there's any chance of a tearful and/or earsplitting tirade when the dumping commences, you'd better do it in a place that's already filled with loud and slightly unruly people. A few years ago that was the Liberty Hotel; today the Ames is the place for crowded cocktailing and debauchery, with the second floor of its tavern, Woodward, being the epicenter of all the action. Do the deed over dessert, then retreat to the bar and take comfort in the fact that there's no shortage of friendly patrons to, er, distract you from your newly single status."

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Re: "Gargoyles on the Square — Old Faithfuls: The Mixed-Drink Mecca"Only if fishbowl-sized cocktails are more important than quality and cocktail wizardry. I mean, you have Eastern Standard, Clio, and No. 9 Park already listed which have far better bar programs and drinks that are not warm by the time you're on the last 3rd.

  4. Daisy says:

    >this list is awesome. thanks for sharing :) I was also going to ask why is woodward a great breakup spot? but someone beat me too it!

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