>utterly epic.

last night was one of those unbelievable life experiences, time stopping and racing by at once with friends and strangers and a spectacular feeling of freedom. its instance of sheer glory is only rivaled by only by a few very memorable events, including going insane during guy boratto’s live set at metropolis in montreal for mutek 2007 and one life-changing party i attended at harvard co-op. times like this make me remember again why i love boston… i saw so many people i’m met from all sorts of layers in my life: stages as student, editor, outgoing and upright citizen.

emf. unbelievable.

at times when i get itchy to leave the city, somehow boston manages to reel my heart and sentiment right back in. eight years, an investment that’s blooming uncontrollably.

i wonder, if at age 18 i saw how my life were to be at age 25, if i would have even believed myself. this is how things have become, how life has recaptured the magic that never seemed possible. it’s a wonderful yet vulnerable thing. how much more can i look forward to in the coming years?

hopefully much more than i could ever comprehend. there is so much love, and i can only but embrace it fully.

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  1. fiesty says:

    >Just asking if you have been to that new Portuguese/ Spanish restaurant outside of Kendall in Cambridge. Former site of Atasca.The new place is the family which owned the old P.A Seafood in Somerville. Which I recall won best seafood dish back in the early 80’s for best of Boston.Anyways thought I would throw this out there for good and inexpensive food. http://www.consolcambridge.com thank you

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