yup, we’re official.

80108 busted out its public debut yesterday, with three major shoutouts. here we are in the press:

  • boston globe, Snippets of news, via cellphone: Start-up aims to be local, snappy, social
  • mediaweek, 80108 Launches Mobile Content
  • GigaOM, 80108, local content via SMS

the initial user experience and feedback has been super-promising, and it’s definitely rewarding to witness a public unveiling after personally working behind-the-scenes for the last several months.

show your love and try out my channel, Boston:Style. it’s free (cuz we care) and get secret reminders like…

did you know today is free ice-cream day at jp licks? get runnin’ (i’ve got my eye on the rice DICE-Kream)

or that there’s a super shopping night at gypsy on april 19th with goodies and specials from persona, habit, queen bee, injeanius/twilight, i soci salon + kérastase reps, shu uemura, hazel + grace, and stil?

ja, stuff like that.

so try it out, and channel your cathartic feedback through email. love me or hate me, that is the question… ;) if neither boston nor style is your scene, try any and all channels that fit the bill. we got a ton of channels represented in a bunch of US metropolises (metropoleis!)

get excited.

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