>things have unfurled within the last few days, as if i were standing still amid a uncontrollable disintegration. i’m more active than ever, in all respects: vigorous productivity, hustled distraction, social cultivation, domestic recourse. but it all seems cinematic in a way; is this an overcomplicated drama? who is in control of this script? why are all these characters coming in and out, being constructed in these ways?

my sensibilities are wracked with flickers of violent tension and an equable calm. at one given moment things are crystal clear, at another it all seems to shatter in a thousand deadly pieces.

i make it through the days via the satisfaction of small things. walking over industrial bridges, flipping through the glossy pages of new york magazine, relishing the juicy bite of one fresh orange.

in despite of these pleasures, it’s as if my insides were coated with shiny black.

… . . . . . .. .. . . .

in other news, 80108 is rarin’ live. hyperlocalized and authentic insider info txt msg’d to you, all authored by impassioned city expert/enthusiasts like myself. i encourage you to check it out! we’re servicing a ton of cities all across the country. boston’s the homebase, but we have awesome writers all over, including new york, san francisco, l.a., philadelphia, washington d.c., denver, atlanta, etc.

if you’re in boston, i’ll be at the shecky’s girl’s night out tonight and tomorrow night hyping up my Boston:Style channel for 80108. clothes + cocktails + cyclorama, that kind of thing. the event is sold out (that is, to the public), but i DO have an extra pair of comp tickets for either day. email or comment if you want to claim them! :)

… . . . . . .. .. . . .

my radio show, sans serif, is now on monday nights 7-8pm EST. groove your little glitchy, jazzalicious goodness with me, either through real-time streaming on wmbr 88.1fm or with truly podcastable archives listed all in a row here. liu’s loves lately are my brightest diamond‘s remix album, tear it down and clara hill‘s house collaboration, all i can provide. i just want to wrap myself within these sonic layers and pillow-collapse, dizzy with warm somatic rhythm.

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