>hey, really tired. lots of walking, lots of keeping my eyes open amidst a moodily dark-lit social scape. some notes:

– earlier this evening went to the ginormous whole foods to pick up some small things like cereal and milk. i dipped in for 10 minutes but honestly you could spend hours and hours in there! combine the comprehensiveness of the new york time warner center whole foods and the expansive mindset that is texas, and the result is this absolute city block bursting in organic carnivale. more photos and stories to support this universal awe. (there’s an area larger than my apartment just for grinding nuts into butter. really.)

– saw paul rudd at the opening film festival party at the now-defunct fox & hound tavern. i basically was an arm’s length away but too fantastically chicken to ask for a photo or something. very chill in the crowd, very handsome :)

– the food at the main outdoor party was pretty good. beef and chicken soft tacos (made to order!) topped with fresh pico de gallo. plus lots of tasty chips and salsa, with more flavor and spice than to be expected. just ignore the vat presentation, and dig in… (just what i needed for my seriously suffering stomach)

– between the fox & hound, and the instances flitting in and out of molotov and hi-lo tonight… it kinda got a bit weary from socializing in an event that’s loud, crowded, and filled with strangers, all who are cavorting and huddling in their own social circles. i’m doing my best to meet new folks (those who know me can attest i’m not a wallflower!) but it still can be a tad awkward and frustrating. i hope to meet more people in less high-profile style tomorrow during the panels and screenings. plus, a bit of sadness does yet creep; i have still some serious stuff on the brain, tugging at me from going-ons back in boston… things that are not easy to forget.

– i organized a chowhounding event tomorrow! saturday, 12:15pm, at Las Manitas on 211 congress ave. sxswers: meet & eat. i hear the tacos are transformative. must resolutely confirm this fact.

i should get some sleep tonight, because i dont think i will have many more opportunities to do so in the next few days! goodnight austin, goodnight b-austin.

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