>this release is totally hilarious. i cant believe karl lagerfeld as dj and his collection of 70+ iPods. ummm, what’s he going to do when all those apple batteries start conking out? ;)

Karl Lagerfeld: Les Musiques Que J’aime, featuring various artists, on two CDs from Defend Music, $26, available at www.amazon.fr

4 Responses to “”
  1. Me says:

    >Hey Girl! I love the shoe reviews! Awesome stuff! It was fun meeting you last night as well. Will read my way through your site now. :)

  2. String Bean says:

    >Hey, where’s the knitting?

  3. Rebecca says:

    >you may already know about this, but i saw and thought you’d be interested:http://rifferaff.typepad.com/make_it/2006/10/new_vendor_oppo.html“cool upcoming opportunity in Boston for start-up designers and crafters”

  4. Rhonda says:

    >Hope all is well on the fashion scene… miss ya at S&B!

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