i am so very much looking forward to sneaking into my bedsheets, but i still have a ways to go before the evening is complete. happy jewish new year, and let’s roll into october with a fantastically refreshed start…

on to ze photos:

here’s a snapshot of the stil boutique on newbury street. i worked part-time sales there throughout september, but nowadays i’m helping betty with her online marketing projectz. look forward to a day when you can shop for her hand-picked danish styles online — i’ll keep you posted! but for now, go poke inside the store; you’ll be rewarded with clothes, candy, and caffeine!

this past saturday was *the* most gorgeous day eVAR. i spent it mostly downtown, doing errands, sidewalk-skedaddling, soaking up the last remnants of sunshine. niknak joined me for a sweeping lunch at l’aroma cafe where they make the most adorable (and delicious) caffe lattes. <3 the hearts.

i also dropped by fanny and delphine at the hotel commonwealth and met toronto designer joeffer caoc at the cheese + champagne festooned trunk show. it was my first time in the actual store, and my fav new finds are rundholz (very deconstructed, postmodern, german) and re.set (minimalist but artful italian sportswear). i also re-fell in love with cop-copine, which i initially stumbled upon at the late k ko

above, a ransacked rundholz sweater and a cop-copine quilted coat (drool…)

here i am, in my first purchase from stil! it is easily my personal favourite piece in the store, and everyone who tries it on (at my insistence) absolutely falls in love. it’s by a french label, manoush, with very feminine details and seams. it’s like a little countryside jacket or something, and superduper great for layering. let me know if you want to purchase one, i will hook you up!

i just received this tonight from bazaar adriatic, the boxfresh blarbarian jacket. soooo perfect. i originally was introduced to boxfresh from a shirt earlier this year at mainstay karmaloop, just a simple printed tshirt on the sale rack or something, but i’ve gotten to really like the design elements to the brand. modern street casual, but with a twist of surprising sophistication. this jacket is perfect for the changing seasons and there’s even a hidden hoodie, which kills me with cuteness.

in other news, this season my radio show will be airing on wednesday nights from 8-9pm, and my writeup of satinbox is in print tomorrow. respect the dig.

(yawn… the oh-so-inviting pillows… soft, soft…)

stay tuned for monday’s shoes.

2 Responses to “”
  1. Reese says:

    >I’m trying to think if I’ve been inside Stil or even seen it, but I don’t think so! Damn you and your cute jacket purchases. Makes me want a new one too……

  2. toshi says:

    >your posture and expression are nearly identical in those two photos. that is amazing.

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