i wont go into flourished explanation, but suffice to say, i think there’s definitely an inversely proportional relationship between content of this blog and content of my life. (makes you wonder how exciting things were back when i was posting 3x a day…)

as inspired by the new york magazine’s daily fashion updates during OMG ITS NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, here are glimpses into my gloriously fabulous life from days past in quadtych. some immediate news-you-can-use, though: what’s up with me?

well, i’m still doing homepage graphics for mit‘s spotlights, but the penultimate venture is working at the newbury location of STIL. you must must must come visit if you’re ever strolling the newb. i’ll hook you up with the most feminine and modern danish clothes EVAR. the owner betty riaz is fabulous and really knows her schtuff. it’s transformative. some of the brands we feature now are manoush (the belted english waistcoast is adorable in a french accent), rützou (lots of embellishments), and get your double-vowel quota in with the clean lines of bruuns bazaar.

captions for the below are pending. updated later in the day, promise. my flickr might lend a clue.


2 Responses to “”
  1. Reese says:

    >Wow working at Stil! How cool! What do you do there? Will there be more details coming about this job?Sorry I missed your party (got my Fridays messed). Next time!

  2. Rhonda says:

    >Hoping you’re still getting a chance to knit. Maybe next week I can start the vest with the debbie yarn. If I ever stop feeling it up that is, LOL. How’s the vintage dress(?) coming along?

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